Brief Overview

The Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP), initiated by the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN) and funded by the World Bank (WB) and its partner agencies, is being implemented in Anambra State, Nigeria and other 18 participating states to help ….

Integrated Investments

Investments include a strategic combination of civil engineering, vegetative land management and other catchment protection measures, and community-led adaptive livelihood initiatives. The sustainability of these investments will be reinforced by ….

Multi-Sectoral Agencies

NEWMAP involves many Federal and State Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), local governments, communities, and civil society. Effective implementation requires inter-ministerial and inter-state coordination, collaboration, and information sharing …

Introducing Anambra NEWMAP

The Anambra State NEWMAP Launched in the state on the 26th of June 2014, with a counterpart fund of five hundred million naira fully paid by the state government (despite the fiscal regime of the country) is Its intervention involves a combination of a hard and flexible structures that include civil works and vegetative development along the gully corridors as well as the human factor.


NEWMAP mission is to address on a multi-dimensional scale the menace of gully erosion in the south east as well as land degradation in the North


  • Community Participation and Ownership

    Community Outreach is strengthened by the Project’s approach and techniques of constant consultation, public sensitization and education geared towards extensive communication

  • Holistic Watershed Management Approach

    This is a sure bet holistic therapy to erosion and storm water management. With a combination of quality designed civil structures and bio-remediation which is the use of vegetative measures to complement and regenerate soil

  • Action Planning

    Being an operational key to success in Watershed Management, an Action Planning is important because it clearly outlines a Projects’ vision and goals

  • Effective Supervision & Project Management

    The Project can boast of an efficient Fiduciary Administration, Procurement & Financial Management, Social and Environmental Safeguards, Management & Oversight Systems as well as Strategic Project Communication Documentation and a result-oriented Project Monitoring & Evaluation Processes.

  • Safeguards

    Safeguards issues are taken seriously in the Project, hence various consultancies like Environmental Safeguards & Management Plan (ESMP), Resettlement Action Plan (RAP), Monitoring & Evaluation Baseline studies are all carried out in all intervention sites to ensure proper disaster risk management. Alternative means of livelihood are also provided for the less privileged members of the community to enhance their economic status and ease pressure on the land.

  • Technical Support from World Bank

    The World Bank and FAO team offer a handsome technical support to the Project through constant supervision and provision of guidance with the best of expertise to ensure implementation is done in accordance with global best practices.


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