We wish to highlight the success story of the Anambra State Project Management Unit and its implementation of the Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project in the State. The narration covers Project activities since inception in 2014, its challenges, its approach and the successes recorded so far.

The issue of erosion in Anambra State; with over 950 geo-referenced sites calls for a global attention. Those affected by this environmental challenge resulting in loss of their land, their homes, their communities, their culture, their relationships and even loved ones require no other classification than that of Vulnerable Group.

Nigeria’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) which was submitted to the COP 21 meeting in November 2015 delineated a strategy for the Vulnerable Group. Being classified as such is not enough but actionable initiatives must follow for awareness, education, participation and inclusion. It is evident that with the right engagement as Governor Willie Obiano has demonstrated by partnering with the World Bank, Anambra State is building traction on environmental sustainability.

The success story of NEWMAP as a game changer and its acts of magical transformation in Anambra State cannot be overstated.


There is no doubt that this multi- dimensional scaled project has indeed provided a huge emotional and economic relief to the communities where property, ancestral lands and livelihoods were under imminent threat of destruction by gully erosion and flood. Additionally, the Project has improved flow of traffic in most of the project area neighborhoods, reduced travel times on access roads, improved livelihoods for the area residents, improved the landscape vista and provided temporary job opportunities for both skilled and un-skilled persons in the communities.

Here are some opinions expressed by the people…

Testimonials - what people have to say

``First, I want to thank the Government and World bank for this project, this gully had devasted our community, we kept on writing and calling for help and am happy that finally help is here, NEWMAP is a wonderful design for erosion control.

Their NGO keeps on sensitizing our people on how best to avoid and checkmate erosion, we are to plant trees, harvest our rain water, minimize the use of inter-locked tiles, dump our refuse at designated sites and not inside the gully, stop sand mining and form a community watchdog to ensure that our environment is protected from this scourge. We thank them for this and more especially for the livelihood project which we learn will soon come to us. This is a dream come true.``

- Chlef Anthony Nzelu, Chairman Nkpor Flyover Community Association

More Testimonials

Mrs. Flourance Anigbogu was eventually crowned one of the ambassadors of NEWMAP.

``l lack the words to describe my condition before NEWMAP intervention, it was really a terrible experience, with every rain we lost a portion of our land. We started praying and God stepped in using NEWMAP and today I feel very happy. I was made a NEWMAP Ambassador and since then, they have taken me round the world; to Abuja, Kano, Nairobi, everywhere. I feel very glad, I appreciate God, World Bank, NEWMAP and our Governor``

- Mrs. Florence Anagbogu, Woman Leader, Amachalla, Awka

``l had given up hope, my 3-storey building was just at the edge of the gully. My late husband died as a result of the money sunk into checkmating this gully all to no avail. All my tenants (whose rents are my only source of income) packed out and I cried every day.

When NEWMAP came, I thought it was one of the government projects that will come, talk and go away, but no, theirs was different, I was compensated for the trees and cash crops I planted and I was also relocated with my tenancy rents paid in full, it is miraculous and I know that mother Mary is instrumental to this. I never knew I could ever smile again. Now, every day I wake up, after praying to God for my family, I pray for NEWMAP. They have added more years to my life``

- Mrs. Theresa Okoye, Nkpor Flyover Community

``Am from this community and the gully problem here was terrible, We thank God for what He has used NEWMAP to achieve. Apart from the civil works they are doing, they are also empowering some of us who are economically vulnerable to be able to take care of our families.

I belong to the Uzoamka Poultry C.l.G and our birds are growing, we have made sales and stocked our farm with more chicks. My daughter is being trained in the ICT Group and you know that with ICT you have the world at your fingertips. With what NEWMAP is doing, the project has made an indelible impression in our lives``

- Mrs. Velonlca Ekuno, Abagana Community

``NEWMAP has truly been a game changer in development projects. the beautiful groove they made from the ravine that almost took the parish building is like the famous miracle Jesus performed of turning water into wine.

More so, some of my parishioners were beneficiaries of the Livelihood Programme. This is a clean case of living out the gospel teaching of providing for the needy. indeed the project has saved lives and restored hopes``

- Rev. Fr. Dr. Anthony Akabogu Parish Priest, St. Thomas Aqulnas Catholic Church, G.R.A., Awka.
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